Publication of "Reshaping Toronto's Waterfront", edited by Gene Desfor and Jennifer Laidley

From the release:

Toronto’s waterfront continues to be a leading edge of change in the city as policymakers, planners, and developers envision it as a space of promise and a prime location for massive investments. As in other cities around the world, Toronto’s waterfront is currently being marketed as a crucial territorial wedge for economic ascendancy in globally competitive urban areas. Yet, the waterfront has a rich, complex, and important history with a long legacy of unfulfilled plans and conflicting interests.

Reshaping Toronto’s Waterfront analyses how and why ‘problem spaces’ on the waterfront have become ‘opportunity spaces’ during the past hundred and fifty years. Contributors with widely diverse areas of expertise illuminate how and why developments occurred and provide fresh analyses of the intermingling of nature and society as they appear in both physical forms and institutional arrangements, which together define and construct processes of change.

Reshaping Toronto’s Waterfront is a fundamental resource for understanding the waterfront as a dynamic space that is neither fully tamed nor wholly uncontrolled.

Contributing Authors:
John Anderson, Jennifer Bonnell, Susannah Bunce, Tenley Conway, Gene Desfor, Gabriel Eidelman, Pierre Filion, Gunter Gad, Paul S.B. Jackson, Jennefer Laidley, Hon Q. Lu, Michael Moir, Christopher Sanderson, Scott Prudham, Lucian Vesalon