January 6th City Seminar: "Pop-Up Democracy: towards an 'enabling city'"

The CITY institute and the Goethe Institute jointly present the City Seminar: "Pop-Up Democracy: towards an 'enabling city'".  The seminar will be given by Chiara Camponeschi, author of the Enabling City, with contributions from Jacob Zimmer (Small Wooden Shoe) and Peer Zumbansen (CURL Collaborative Urban Research Laboratory). This event will be held on Friday, January 6th in 305 York Lanes from 12:30-2:00p

Additional information can be found on the Goethe Institute website.

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From left to right:  Peer Zumbansen (CURL), Jacob Zimmer (Small Wooden Shoe), Jutta Brendemühl (Goethe-Institute), Chiara Camponeschi (author of Enabling City),  Roger Keil (Director of CITY Institute) and Timothy Petrou (Critical Research Laboratory in Law and Society).