Media Coverage of Transit Summit

The recently held Transit Summit has received significant media coverage.

September 25, Y-File - Transit Summit at York: A Call For Action

September 28, OMNI News - Interview with Adam Vaughan and Roger Keil

September 28, Toronto Star - James: TTC abandoned by city, province

October 1, - Experts Bemoan Gridlock Over Taxes at Transit Summit

October 1, Urban Toronto - A Transit Summit Connects Education, Development & Transportation in GTHA

October 1, Toronto Atmospheric Fund - Talking Out of School

October 1, Y- File - Mention of Transit Summit coverage in York in the Media

October 3, Novae Res Urbis- Transit Gets Schooled

October 4, - Transit Summit Focuses on Post-Secondary Students

October 5, Spacing Magazine - Going to Transit School with OCAD's Deanne Fisher


OMNI News interviews Roger Keil

OMNI News interviews Adam Vaughan