Nov 29 - Urban Asia Series - Tania Ahmad presents "Socialities of Indignation: Denouncing Party Politicy in Karachi, Pakistan".

The CITY Institute and the York Centre for Asian Research jointly present “Socialities of Indignation: Denouncing Party Politicy in Karachi, Pakistan″ with Tania Ahmad (Department of Anthropology, York University) as part of the Urban Asia lecture series. This event will be held on Thursday, November 29 from 12:00-2:00pm in 626 York Research Tower.

Tania is an anthropologist of urban public culture, social stratification, and gender in South Asian and Muslim societies. Her research focuses on normativity and subjection. She is interested in how an emergent middle-class category in Karachi, Pakistan is articulated, enacted, and sustained through the idea of being "ordinary". She maintains that this urban solidarity, as a performative style and form of class distinction, is a key way that Karachi residents engage with the problem of ongoing political violence.

Eveyone is welcome.

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