CITY director Linda Peake addresses CAG conference

On May 27, CITY Institute director Linda Peake will deliver the Suzanne Mackenzie Memorial Lecture, “Rethinking Feminist Interventions into Geography,” at the annual meeting of the Canadian Association of Geographers, taking place at Brock University.

From the conference program:

In the current era characterized by anxiety and insecurity one must ask whether feminist work in geography  is able to generate new possibilities of knowledge and of existence. In asking this question I explore the  long history of feminist interventions in geography, the contours of which are wide-ranging but also  mercurial and uneven. In this talk I explore the work these interventions have done, and not done, in  advancing possibilities both within the discipline and beyond. In doing so I explore three aspects of feminist  work in geography: looking back to (the collective forgetting of) feminist work prior to the 1960s; looking  around at (the limitations of) feminist approaches to methodologies and methods; and looking ahead to  (the as yet not undertaken) work on addressing mental health issues in the academy. I conclude by  discussing the place of feminist geography in the academy.

She is also organizing a panel, "Critical Reflections on Mental Health and Wellness in the Canadian Academy," speaking with Queen's University's Beverly Mullings.