Linda Peake (Director, CITY) receives LA&PS Award for Distinction in Research, Creativity or Scholarship in the Established Researcher Category


The recipients of the LA & PS teaching and research awards. From left: Elizabeth Brulé, Yael Machtinger, Michael A. Gilbert, Lisa Violo, Linda Peake and Lesley Wood (source: yFile, York University)

Congratulations to Linda Peake, Director of CITY for being awarded the LA&PS Award for Distinction in Research, Creativity or Scholarship. She has been awarded in the category of Research for her work at York University. Mentioning Linda's involvement the article states:

Peake describes herself as a critical human geographer, exploring the feminist geographies of gender, race and sexuality, particularly as they relate to the global south. Over the past 30 years she and her graduate students have worked extensively with grassroots organizations in Guyana, conducting research aimed at improving the lives of local women. She says, “My research is grounded in the issues and problems facing poor people and how women work together across race and class to survive in grassroots communities. I don’t measure success purely in terms of publication or the standard markers, but in terms of the ability to bring about change in people’s lives.”

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