Audio: Dr. Nazgol Bagheri on Mapping Women's Space in Tehran

If you weren't able to attend the CITY Seminar with Dr. Nazgol Bagheri, you can find the audio from the talk here:

“Place Matters: Mapping Iranian Women in Tehran’s
public spaces using qualitative GIS”

Dr. Nazgol Begheri
Department of Political Science and Geography,
The University of Texas at San Antonio
Trained as an architect and urban planner, Dr. Bagheri is interested in working closely with residents, community activists, and artists to better understand the correlations between design, human behaviors, and cultural differences. Her current work connects three complimentary areas: feminist politics, urban design, and the social production of space. Dr. Bagheri applies empowering and innovative approaches such as Geo-Ethnography and Qualitative Geographic Information Systems (QGIS) that often makes the invisible visible. She is committed to challenge as well as enrich the Anglo-American hegemonic geographical theories through studying the people whose stories are often unheard including women and other minorities. She enjoys international collaborative projects; currently she is working on a project about the status of feminist geographic research and teaching in Iranian universities with colleagues in Tehran as well as an interdisciplinary project about Japanese women’s spatial movement in Tokyo.