New Publication: Suburban Governance. A Global View

Pierre Hamel and Roger Keil have released their new assemblage of essays by leading scholars on suburban governance.

For more information and to purchase the book, check it out on the publishers website.

Here's some endorsements:

“Suburban Governance is a landmark volume for the consolidation of global urban studies, making an important contribution to a new generation of scholarship marking out the opportunities for inventive theorization and the renewal of the conceptual landscape of the field. It sets a new standard for the growing commitment to post-colonialize urban studies.”
Jennifer Robinson, Department of Geography, University College London

“Suburban Governance is an important contribution to intellectual discussions about suburbanization. This collection is very much up there with the best work on critical urban theory.”
Andrew E.G. Jonas, Department of Geography, Environment, and Earth Sciences, University of Hull

“This collection provides compelling insight into the global nature of suburban development and the various ways in which the dynamics of (sub)urban development play out in different political and economic contexts.”
Andrew Wood, Department of Geography, University of Kentucky