City Seminar: "Doing urban fieldwork: travelling across multiple types of borders for academic research"

Join on March 17th for a presentation by PhD students and recent graduates  as they share their personal experiences of conducting fieldwork outside of Canada.

Speakers will focus on the intersections of their own fieldwork - in/on the 'urban', understood as a simultaneously physical, social and political space - with research methodology, critical urban theory and broader politics. Various case studies and research questions will be discussed in the context of travelling across national, cultural, linguistic, disciplinary and/or other types of borders. Issues to be raised include acknowledging privilege and academic freedom when looking 'outside-in' at a specific urban context; research as an alienating/connecting experience in a familiar/unfamiliar context; the political aspect of travel bureaucracy and its technicalities.


Murat Guney, Postdoctoral Fellow, City Institute

Oded Haas, PhD Candidate, Environmental Studies

Darren Patrick, PhD Candidate, Environmental Studies

Laura Waddell, PhD Candidate, Social Anthropology


Azam Khatam, Research Associate, City Institute

Friday March 17, 2017

12:30 - 2:00 pm

Room 280N, York Lanes, York University

Everyone is Welcome.