The City Seminar: Indigeneity and the City - Clara Fraser & Jon Johnson


Imagining Planning Futures – Discoveries Along the Path to Reconciliation

Clara MacCallum Fraser

Clara MacCallum Fraser is the Executive Director and co-Founder of the Shared Path Consultation Initiative, a non-profit organization focused on the intersection of land use
planning and Indigenous rights. She holds a BA in Political Science & Arabic Studies
from Concordia University, and a Masters in Urban Planning from Ryerson University.
She is currently conducting a CGS-SSHRC funded Doctorate in Environmental Studies at
York University. The focus of her research is on the intersection of land use planning and
Aboriginal & Treaty rights, exploring these issues in particular within southern Ontario.
With the Shared Path, Fraser is a 2017-2018 Partner at the City Institute at York
University (CITY).


Toronto as Heart Circle: Tracing a History of Urban
Indigenous Planning

Jon Johnson

Jon Johnson (PhD, Communication & Culture, York University) is an interdisciplinary
scholar that works within Toronto’s Indigenous community. His work is focused on
urban Indigenous land-based knowledge and storytelling traditions in Toronto and is
grounded in his role as a lead organizer, researcher, and tour guide for First Story

Friday February 2, 2018
12:00 – 1:30pm
626 Kaneff Tower
Everyone is welcome.