Future Cities Summit in Toronto

On Nov 7th, 8thand 9thCity Institute visiting scholar, Tania Hernandez Cervantes, attended The Future Cities Canada Summit hosted by Evergreen. The event brought together city leaders, think tanks, innovators, and practitioners across sectors to discuss how to design cities where people live and thrive. All attendees gathered in a location that used to be a factory leaking toxins into the environment and has now flourished as a demonstration hub for sustainable ideas and a testing ground for scalable solutions.

The Summit builds on the Future Cities platform that was created three years ago as a result of the We are cities campaignrun by Evergreen and the McConnell Foundation. Inequality and climate change are the core issues that the Future Cities platform identifies as the biggest challenge in the present and future of cities.

“As a visiting scholar of the City Institute who is engaged in critical conversations about global urban inequality, I was very excited to attend the summit. These days I am learning more about how different stakeholders address that issue when imagining a resilient and regenerative city,” Tania stated. While attending the event, Tania learned that the collaborative nature and multidisciplinary character of the CITY Institute’s approach are present in the spirit of the sessions organized in the Summit. Moreover, it was apparent that there was tremendous potential for a productive dialogue between Future Cities Research hubs and the CITY Institute.