CITY Re-Chartering Site Visit A Success

On January 25th, 2019 the City Institute at York University held its site visit to discuss the submission of its recent re-chartering report in the fall of 2018 with reviewers Drs. Sutama Ghosh (Ryerson University) and Rob Shields (University of Alberta). The visit began with a preliminary briefing and breakfast, which was hosted by the Celia Haig-Brown (Associate Vice-President Research) and Les Jacobs (Academic Policy, Planning and Research Committee representative). That initial meeting was followed by a meeting with CITY Director Linda Peake and CITY Coordinator Francesca D’Amico-Cuthbert. Reviewers were then asked to debrief for a short period prior to their meeting the CITY Executive Committee (Professor Linda Peake, Francesca D’Amico-Cuthbert, grant manager Leeann Bennett, post-doctoral fellow Dr. Elsa Koleth, student representative Brandon Hillier, and professors Teresa Abbruzzese, Doug Young, Stefan Kipfer, and William Jenkins). This meeting was then followed by a lunch meeting with the reviewers and Professors Linda Peake, Roger Keil and Luisa Sotomayor, early career scholar Nehal El-Hadi and PhD student Gokboru Tanyildiz. Following lunch, reviewers then met with members of the CITY institute which included faculty affiliates, graduate students, undergraduate students, and City Institute visiting scholars and early career scholars. The reviewers were then invited to meet with lead and participating faculties. This meeting was hosted by Sandra Whitworth (Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies Associate Dean Research), Thomas Loebel (Faculty of Graduate Studies Dean), and Sara Slinn (Osgoode Hall Law School Associate Dean Research). Reviewers were then invited to engage in a final debriefing in order to complete their external review. The day’s events then concluded with a final meeting between CITY director Linda Peake and Associate Vice-President Research Celia Haig-Brown.