Smart Cities Mixer

On May 3, 2018, the Fields Institute and Ryerson University organized a "Smart Cities Mixer" where researchers from various disciplines who are pursuing research and analysis on smart cities and/or related subject matter got together to network with other R&D professionals. With the increasing development and application of smart infrastructure, including emerging fields for modelling, planning, simulation, mobility planning, housing affordability, and real-time data among others, this event was intended to help scholars and researchers find synergies, expertise, and programs for future collaborative efforts.

*Above: Dr. Teresa Abbruzzese of the Department of Social Science*

The City Institute’s own Dr. Teresa Abbruzzese shared some of her ideas about Smart Cities at the recent mixer. To date, Teresa has been involved with the City of Toronto’s Smart Cities' Challenge (as a participant observer), the Toronto Region Board of Trade Working Group, and as a York University participant at a recent roundtable discussion regarding the Smart Cities proposal at City Hall.

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