Research Assistants

Omar Elsharkawy

Omar is a master's student in the Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University, researching food system planning. He is a Graduate Assistant with GenUrb for the Fall and Winter 2018 / 2019 terms. He holds a B.A in Environmental Studies from Carleton University. His research interests include social procurement, food policy, and food citizenship. Omar has previously worked both as a researcher and as an organizer in grassroots and non-profit settings.

Omar is working as a Graduate Assistant on the SSHRC PG Grant, "Urbanization, Gender, and the Global South: A transformative knowledge Network (GENURB)" for Fall and Winter 2018/19.

Rawan Mostafa

Rawan is an undergraduate student finishing her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a minor in Professional Writing. She is interested in intersectional feminism and the implications of neocolonialism on urban life in the Global South. Rawan was awarded the Dean’s Award for Research Excellence (DARE) and will be working as a research assistant on the “Urbanization, Gender, and the Global South: A transformative knowledge network (GenUrb)” project for Summer and Fall 2018.

Anjli Saddi

Anjli Saddi is an undergraduate RAY Research Assistant with GenUrb (Summer and Fall 2018). Some of her tasks include researching and writing policy briefs and compiling bibliographies. She is completing an Honours Double Major in International Development and Psychology, and a Professional Certificate in Public Policy Analysis. Through an intersectional lens, she is interested in exploring postcolonial alternatives to development, as well as examining the forms of oppression experienced by marginalized groups, with a focus on gender and race.