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The Shared Path Consultation Initiative (Shared Path), is a Partner at CITY, with contact maintained through Clara Fraser, Ph.D. Candidate in FES at York University. Shared Path is a not-for-profit organization focused on the intersection of land use planning processes and Aboriginal and Treaty rights in Ontario. Shared Path works towards building bridges between Indigenous communities and local governments. Its main objective is to collect and create resources concerning Aboriginal and Treaty rights and Indigenous interests within the urban and regional planning process, in order to support Indigenous-municipal communications, and to approach collaboration so that it encourages the Indigenous voice as the place from which to begin the conversations around changes in planning and the impacts of the Duty to Consult and Accommodate and Ontario planning legislation. The long-term goal of Shared Path is to develop a comprehensive, coordinated program of educational activities including workshops, symposia, training, collaborative research, and best practice guidelines. Through the use of educational tools and resources, Shared Path and its partners seek to illuminate systemic problems of the current planning and framework, and promote alternative systems of planning that are informed by the Indigenous peoples.