CITY's Mandate & Governance

The mandate of the City Institute, since it inauguration in 2006, has been to facilitate critical, diverse, interdisciplinary and collaborative research on a wide range of urban matters and to promote dialogue on Canada’s urban agenda at York and beyond. It is the explicit goal of the City Institute to increase the research performance of the university through an assertive program of obtaining sponsored research income that can help fulfill the goals set under the mandate of the ORUs. The Institute is also a primary body for developing a community of urban scholars at York University. Through these initiatives, the City Institute will enhance the reputation of York University and its urban researchers in the region, nationally and globally. The City Institute is positioning itself as a national leader and an internationally recognized reference institution in urban research.

accolades_1While academic excellence is of prime importance for the City Institute, the institute also considers effective intervention in the public policy process and in processes of community activism locally and globally a salient aspect of its mandate. CITY carries out its mandate through a number of activities.  It aims to engage in intellectual exchange, promoting interaction between urban oriented scholars at York, and between York researchers and a global community of urban scholars. It promotes such engagement by sponsoring conferences, seminars series and workshops as well as fostering research networks and by hosting visiting scholars. It also provides research support by assisting in the development of individual and collaborative external research grants, and administering such projects. It also supports graduate training and research by creating an interdisciplinary intellectual hub, and involving graduate students in all its activities. Its doors are also open to undergraduate students at York University. Finally, through knowledge mobilization it provides a public point of access to York’s collective research expertise on urban issues, and ensuring the wider dissemination of York urban based research to academic and non-academic audiences in Canada and around the world. CITY’s commitment to York University’s policies and procedures includes its equity practices.

CITY strives for the representation and participation of people of colour, queer folks, women and those differently abled in its activities and governance, including in its Executive Committee. 27th meeting, the Senate of York University approved, as recommended by the Senate Committee on Research (SCOR),  the chartering of The City Institute at York University as a university-based research unit for a period of six years (2006-2012) with a full review to take place during the academic session 2011-2012.

Please refer to the links below for the City Institute's governance policies, conflict of interest policies, and allocation of space guidelines.

1).  CITY Governance Document

2). CITY Conflict Resolution Policy

3).  Policy for Allocating CITY Space

If you are interested in having space at CITY please review our policy for allocating space and submit an application to city[at]