Executive Committee

The members of the Executive Committee, other than the Director and any Associate Directors, will be appointed by the Executive Committee. At least once a year, the Executive will solicit faculty at York to seek nominations for appointments to
the Executive. Appointments will start on July 1st of each year and be for three years, although students including post-doctoral fellows, will be appointed for one year terms. Student members may also run again for re-election the following year or in later years. However, students may not hold the position for more than two terms consecutively (i.e., they must not run for third re-election in a row). Appointments will be staggered so that normally no more than half of the Executive Committee shall change in a given year. If a member of the Executive Committee misses three consecutive meetings, the Director may ask the person to voluntarily step down. Vacancies due to resignations, departures or other contingencies are to be filled by the Director in consultation with the Executive.

Professor Linda Peake (Chair) - (July 2013-Present)
Director of the City Institute

Web site: http://lpeake.info.yorku.ca/

Professor Peake is a feminist geographer with interests in the gendered social organization of urban space. She has conducted research on the articulation of social relations of class, gender, race and sexuality in relation to urban places in Canada, the USA and Guyana.Prof. Peake studies urban Canada and feminist geography, particularly the gendered social organization of urban space.

Professor Teresa Abbruzzese (July 2018 – June 2020)
Department of Social Science, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies

Professor Abbruzzese is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Social Science. Her research interests include: Urban Planning/Design , Globalization, Transnationalism, Migration, and Identity, Gendered Spaces of Activism, and Cultural Landscapes and Popular Culture.

Professor Harris Ali (July 2016 – June 2019)
Department of Sociology, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies

Professor Ali studies environmental disasters; the environment and health; environmental sociology; and preventive engineering. In addition, he investigated how processes of globalization have affected the transmission and response to SARS within the context of Toronto as a global city.

Professor William Jenkins (February 2018 – January 2021)
Department of Geography, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies

Professor Jenkins is a historical geographer whose primary research interest lies in the immigration of Irish men, women and children to Canada and the United States between 1815 and 1914. He also has research and teaching interests in the historical geographies of cities in the West, Irish history in the 19th and 20th centuries, transnational and diaspora studies and the political geographies of nationalism.

Professor Stefan Kipfer (July 2017 - June 2019)
Faculty of Environmental Studies

Professor Kipfer’s research is focused on two related areas: (1) the comparative analysis of urban politics, and (2) the excavation of urban dimensions in social and political theory. In metropolitan regions like Toronto, Zurich and Paris, he has been investigating the relationships between social movements, modes of state intervention (including planning and policy) and patterns of social, economic and cultural restructuring. His theoretical explorations have tried to articulate critical marxist and anti-colonial traditions, notably in the works of Henri Lefebvre, Frantz Fanon and Antonio Gramsci.

Professor Douglas Young (September 2018 –September 2019)
Department of Social Science, Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies

Professor Young’s current research considers the legacies of socialist and modernist urbanism in Berlin, Hanoi, and Stockholm, and the processes of suburban decline and renewal in Toronto. He is co-author (with Julie-Anne Boudreau and Roger Keil) of Changing Toronto: Governing Urban Neoliberalism (U of T Press, 2009).  He is co-editor (with Patricia Wood and Roger Keil) of In-between Infrastructure: Urban Connectivity in an Age of Vulnerability (Praxis (e) Press, 2010). He is a member of the CITY Institute’s MCRI grant.

Brandon Hillier (October 2018 – October 2019)
The Toronto Urban Journal Editor

Brandon Hillier is an undergraduate student in York University's Urban Studies program. His early research interests look at how discourse and power affects urban morphology, and is currently conducting an analysis of how the language used to communicate outcomes for "megaprojects" impacts Toronto's urban form. He is also the Executive Editor for The Toronto Urban Journal, a new peer-reviewed urban research journal for undergraduate students based at York University.

Dr. Elsa Koleth (October 2017-October 2019)
Post-Doctoral Visitor

Dr. Elsa Koleth is a Post-Doctoral Visitor at the City Institute at York University. During her time at CITY Elsa will be working on the SSHRC Partnership Project, ‘Gender and Urbanisation in the Global South: a Transformative Knowledge Network’ (GenUrb) under the leadership of Professor Linda Peake. Elsa completed her doctorate at The University of Sydney in the field of migration studies with a thesis entitled ‘Haunted borders: temporary migration and the recalibration of racialized belonging in Australia’. During her doctoral study Elsa was a researcher in an international study funded by the Australian Research Council on Social Transformation and International Migration in the Twenty-First Century (STIM). She has previously worked in legal policy and parliamentary research roles in Australia. Elsa’s research interests include the spatialities and temporalities of processes of urbanisation, migration and mobility, transnationalism and border-making, and the shifting nature of governmentalities and subjectivities, particularly in relation to the intersections of race, gender and class.

Leeann Bennett (April 2017 – Present)
Grant Manager

Leeann Bennett is the Grant Manager of the new SSHRC Partnership Grant, Urbanization, Gender, and the Global South: a transformative knowledge network, with Dr. Linda Peake, at the City Institute. She took on this role in November 2017. Leeann has been the coordinator of the CITY Institute since April 2017, but has worked at CITY in various roles since 2013.  Leeann has a Master's degree in Women's Studies from York University. Her research interests include Sexuality Studies, particularly sex work and LGBTQ activism, Caribbean Studies, transnational feminism, feminist methods and methodologies, and popular culture. To contact Leeann, please email her at leeann3@yorku.ca

Francesca D’Amico-Cuthbert (January 2018 – Present)

Coordinator at the City Institute

Francesca D’Amico-Cuthbert is the Coordinator at the City Institute. She took on the role in January 2018. Francesca has a Masters degree in History, and is currently nearing the completion of her PhD studies in American History at York University. Her research interests include the history of urban popular music forms in the United States and Canada, feminist readings of popular culture, and the relationship of racialized artists to social justice movements and state apparatuses and discourses. Francesca is also a filmmaker currently working on two documentary projects (and accompanying film curriculums) that focus on mixed race identities and the history of Caribbean-Canadian social and cultural contributions to the city of Toronto. To contact Francesca, please email her at fdamico@yorku.ca or city@yorku.ca