2018 Publications

Placing Planetary Urbanization in Other Fields of Vision

Co-authored by Linda Peake, Darren Patrick, and Gokboru Sarp Tanyildiz (of the City Institute) and Rajyashree N. Reddy, Sue Ruddick and Roza Tchoukaleyska.

This article is part of Society and Space's recent special issue: volume 36(3). This piece considers the theory of planetary urbanization and raises many theoretical and political questions that the articles and interventions in this theme issue address, such as: How best to conceptualize the global urban condition and its implications for social change? What to do with the “right to the city”? How does planetary urbanization contribute to our understanding of present day radical social movements? What to do with the notion of city as “form”? How do we comprehend the “non-urban”? What room is there for social reproduction and the politics of subjectivity? Who is included in a vision of the urban subject-citizen? How do urban inhabitants and those who are deemed its un-inhabitants make life possible in and through their shaping of cities? How does migration factor into planetary urbanization? And what are the political and quotidian implications for the replacement of boredom (the dominant affect for Lefebvre and the Situationists) by anxiety, arguably the linchpin of subordination, in the early 21st century?

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