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December 11th- Professor Jody Berland's book North of Empire: Essays on the Cultural Technologies of Space, about how technology creates and transforms our sense of space was featured in today's Y-File.

December 3rd - Robert MacDermid comments on election campaign reforms in the National Post | Y-File

November 21st - Douglas Young and Ute Lehrer discuss the future of the GTA and the "in-between city" in the Toronto Star | Y-File

November 3rd - Robert MacDermid calls for a ban on corporate and union donations to municipal elections. Vaughan Citizen

October 29th - Robert MacDermid comments on the new election rules regarding fundraising and barring incumbents from rolling over their campaign surpluses to the next election. Y-File | Toronto Star

October 28th - The OMB decision about SmartCentres vs. City/ETCC will stand. The Ontario Divisional Court has decided to deny the request for appeal of the OMB's decision. The community was supported in the OMB hearing by people from the City Institute at York University, in particular by expert witnesses Ute Lehrer (FES) and Steven Tufts (Geography) as well as by Thorben Wieditz (FES) as researcher. Inside Toronto

October 26th - Stephen Gaetz's project, the Homeless Hub, and the new curriculum developed by York University which is a cornerstone of a new awareness project on homelessness, was featured in today's Toronto Star | Y-File

October 22nd to 31st - More than 20 noted Canadian artists are joining forces to transform a suburban Toronto street with The Leona Drive Project, a landmark collaboration co-curated by York University Professor Janine Marchessault and Ontario College of Art & Design (OCAD) Professor Michael Prokopow.  The Leona Drive project aims to challenge and expand our understanding of suburban spaces. Y-File - Oct. 21| Y-File Oct. 22 | Toronto Star

October 14th - Robert MacDermid comments on municipal election laws in an opinion piece for the Toronto Star. Toronto Star | Y-File

CITY is pleased to welcome a new resident faculty member and a Junior Research Fellow to the Institute. Professor Shelley Hornstein (Fine Arts) has joined us as a new resident faculty member at CITY for one year. Also, Clémence Petit is a Junior Research Fellow from the Centre for European Political Sociology, Strasbourg University in France. Please join us in welcoming Shelley and Clémence to CITY.

September 8th - Robert MacDermid spoke to CBC-AM Radio about campaign spending in municipal elections in Newfoundland and Labrador. Y-File

The City Institute will be relocating to the 7th Floor of the York Research Tower. CITY will be closed from Sept.10-11 for the move and will re-open on Sept. 14th in our new offices. All telephone extensions will remain the same and will be forwarded to voice mail during the move.

August 10th - Douglas Young  was interviewed on CBC  Metro Morning about the Sunrise Propane explosion 1 year ago. Listen

August 1st - Robert Kozinets comments on recent marketing campaigns that recall  the stability of past years to sell products during these difficult  economic times in the Globe and Mail | Y-File

Heather McLean and Stefan Kipfer comment on Richard Florida at a public forum organized recently by the art magazine /Fuse/, and the group, Creative Class Struggle in June 2009. Toronto Star Article

Two projects lead by Stephen Gaetz were featured in  today's Y-File: the Homelessness Hub website was re-launched and an e-book "Finding Home", a new reader on  homelessness in Canada became available on the website. Article

Robert MacDermid comments on election financing in the rapidly growing 905 region in today's Toronto Star article.
Y-File Article
| Toronto Star Article

The City Institute is pleased to welcome two new Junior Research Fellows. James White is a PhD Student (School of Community and Regional Planning) at the University of British Columbia and he is interested in urban design policy and the role design plays in the master planning of large-scale mega-project developments. Marilena Liguori is a PhD student at INRS-Urbanization, Culture et Société in Montreal and her doctoral work explores the construction of difference as ethnic diversity and social representations of the city. Please join us in welcoming James and Marilena to CITY.

Yam Lau's (Visual Arts) upcoming talk "A Chinese Courtyard House or a Dream?" was featured in today's Y-File.

Valerie Preston and Jane Wedlock will speak about "Immigrants'  Housing Needs in York Region" on Monday April 27.

Uzo Azucha is awarded a $1-million Community-University Research  Alliance (CURA) grant for her project  "Assets Coming Together for Youth: Linking  Research, Policy and Action for Positive Youth Development".

Roger Keil and David Wilson's article in Canada Watch discusses President Obama as the first urban American president.

Harris Ali discusses the book he and Roger Keil co-edited, Networked Diseases: Emerging Infections in the Global City, in today's Y-File.

Stephen Gaetz's contribution to a March 17th Calgary Herald article on the Alberta Homeless Strategy is presented in today's Y-File.
Y-File Article
| Calgary Herald Article

Simon Black's op-ed piece in today's Toronto Star discusses the Harlem Children's Zone and how it could serve as a lesson for Toronto.

Douglas Young's quotes on building trends in Aurora from a March 9th Aurora Era-Banner article are highlighed in today's Y-File.
Y-File Article | Aurora Era-Banner Article

Lumpen-City: Discourses of Marginality | Marginalizing Discourses is featured in today's Y-File.

Ute Lehrer, Steven Tufts and Thorben Wieditz successfully assisted the City of Toronto and the East Toronto Community Coalition (ETCC) in convincing the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) that large scale retail as suggested by SmartCentres and Toronto Film Studios, is not appropriate along Eastern Avenue in Leslieville.
Response to OMB Decision | OMB Ruling | Newspaper Articles

Valerie Preston discusses her research on immigration and housing in today's Y-File.

We are delighted to welcome Professor Shubhra Gururani as the Acting Director of the Institute from January 1 to June 30, 2009. Professor Gururani will be taking over the Director's responsibilities from Professor Roger Keil, who is on sabbatical until July 2009.