Frankfurt, Germany Exchange Students

Nils Boettge (Fall 2017)

Nils is a student of human geography at the Goethe University in Frankfurt. He is at YU for one term as an exchange student at the FES, where he is taking courses of the urban planning stream. His focus is on urban geography and mobility research in general. He's working on the potential topic of his masters thesis, which could be related to free provided parking spaces in cities an their negative impact on planning.

Richard Bůžek (Fall 2017)

Richard Bůžek, Master candidate, Department of Human Geography, Goethe-University, Frankfurt am Main
Richard is a graduate student from the Frankfurt master program “Geographies of Globalization” with a major in Economic Geography. He is interested in processes and implications of uneven geographical development, especially regarding peripheralization. Against this backdrop, his research focused on rural protest against wind power plants in Northeast-Germany as well as elderly people’s access to care in the context of care drain in Northeast-Romania.