Urbanity, Culture and the Law: Reassessing the Global City (A multimedia book)


Prof. Peer Zumbansen Canada Research Chair, Prof. Patricia Wood

The proposed volume brings together work from legal scholars, economists, cultural studies scholars, geographers, historians, political scientists and linguists. It is accompanied by a short documentary feature, a series of photographs and a music/sound CD. The book grows out of interdisciplinary research conducted by scholars in cities around the world. Global cities are characterized by their particular quality of deterritorialization and disembeddedness on the one hand, and their manifold impulses for the surrounding regions and the environment on the other. Avoiding conclusions that are too abstract, general or universalist, the approach of this collection is to examine the ways in which the local and the global constitute each other and to think of the global city as a process and product which is established through competing social forces operating at multiple scales.