2006 and 2005 Publications

2006 Publications

  • Bain, A.L. and Nash, C.J. (2006). Undressing the researcher: feminism, embodiment and sexuality at a queer bathhouse event. Area, 38(1), 99-106.
  • Bain, A.L. (2006). Resisting the creation of forgotten places: artistic production in Toronto neighbourhoods. The Canadian Geographer, 50(4), 417-431.
  • Bourdreau, J-A., Hamel, P., Jouve, B. & Keil, R. (2006). Comparing metropolitan governance: The cases of Montreal and Toronto. Progress in Planning, 66 (Part 1), 7-59
  • Keil, R. & Ali, H. (2006). Multiculturalism, Racism and Infectious Disease in the Global City: The experience of the 2003 SARs Outbreak in Toronto. Topia, 16 (Fall), 23-49.
  • Keil, R. & Lehrer, U. (2006). Parameters of New Urbanism: Building Governance in Berlin and New York. In G. H. Lenz, F. Ulfers & A. Dallmann (Eds.) Toward a New Metropolitanism: Reconstituting Public Culture, Urban Citizenship, and the Multicultural Imaginary in New York and Berlin.
  • Kipfer, S., and Goonewardena, K. (2006). Postcolonial Urbicide: New Imperialism, Global Cities, and the Damned of the Earth. New Formations,59 (Special Issue: After Iraq: Reframing Postcolonial Studies).
  • Lo, L. (2006). Changing geography of Toronto’s Chinese ethnic economy. In D. Kaplan and W. Li (Eds.). The Landscapes of Ethnic Economy. Rowman and Littlefield.
  • Lo, L. (2006). Suburban Housing and Indoor Shopping: The Production of  the Contemporary Chinese Landscape in Toronto. In W. Li (Ed.). Suburban Asian Immigrant Communities: from Urban Enclaves to Ethnoburbs. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press.
  • Lo, L., Wang, L. and Li, W. (2006). Consuming Wal-Mart: A Case study of Shenzhen, China. In S. Brunn (Ed.) Wal-Mart’s World. London and New York: Routledge.
  • Wekerle, G.R., Desfor, G., Keil, R. and Kipfer, S. (2006). From Surf to Turf:  No Limits to Growth in Toronto? Studies in Political Economy, 77, 131-55.


2005 Publications

  • Bain, A.L. (2005). Constructing an artistic identity. Work, Employment, and Society, 19(1), 25-46.
  • Brenner, N. & Keil, R. (2005). The Global Cities Reader. Routledge
  • Desfor, G., Keil, R., Kipfer, S. and Wekerle, G.R. (2005). From Surf toTurf:  No Limits to Growth in Toronto? Studies in Political Economy, 77 (Spring), 131-156.
  • Gilbert, L., Wekerle, G.R. and Sandberg, L.A. (2005). Local Responses to Development Pressures: Conflictual Politics of Sprawl and Environmental Conservation. Cahiers de Geographie du Quebec, 49 (138), 377-92.
  • Kipfer, S., and Goonewardena, K. (2005). Spaces of Difference: Reflections from Toronto on Multiculturalism, Bourgeois Urbanism and the Possibility of Radical Urban Politics. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 29(3).
  • Wekerle, G.R. and Jackson, P.S.B. (2005). Urbanizing the Security Agenda: Anti-Terrorism, Urban Sprawl and Social Movements. City, 9 (1), 34-49.
  • Wekerle, G.R. (2005). Domesticating the Neoliberal City: Invisible Genders and the Politics of Place. In W. Harcourt and A. Escobar (Eds.). Women and the Politics of Place. Bloomfield CT: Kumarian Press.
  • Wekerle, G.R. (2005). Gender and the City: Urban restructuring, Social  Exclusion and Gender Claims. In H. Hiller (Ed.) Urban Canada.Toronto: Oxford University Press.


Earlier Publications